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Oil of Oregano tincture of high quality is the only thing I've found that controls genital herpes effectively. Works much better than acyclovir.

Some people even claim to have eliminated herpes from their system with this, but I have yet to succeed.

5 drops 2x daily under the tongue (washed down by grapefruit juice or soy milk or whatever works) consistently effectively represses the monster. When you first take it, you might have a bigger outbreak than usual, but stick with it and it will quickly clear (within a week or two) and after that, outbreaks will be rare.

I also made a salve of Oil of Oregano mixed in with warmed coconut oil to apply topically if needed and also to rub on the lower spine/sacrum 2x daily. OOO is too strong to be used directly on mucus membranes.

Not a bad idea to take a probiotic while taking this medicine, especially if you start to have gas or digestive problems (because OOO is also an antibacterial and could have an effect on the good bacteria in your stomach)

This medicine may or may not help you if you tempt fate too much. Strong triggers for outbreaks include: coffee, chocolate, peanuts, panic attacks or intense emotionally stressful experiences. I've found that all the other things they list as bad (i.e. high in arganine) don't trigger outbreaks as long as I'm getting enough fresh veggies, protein, and savory foods to balance my comfort foods. Which was a big relief because I love nuts!

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