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After trying most of the remedies listed below, the only thing that provided moderate relief was 800mg of Ibprofen, and finally after 2 days and 2 nights of little to no sleep I gave in and went to the dentist. Turns out my tooth was indeed infected and it had spread to my gums. **Important if the pain seems to be spreading to the front, (felt like some one had punched me in the mouth, as well as sharp pains when biting). You really need to get an antibiotic to stop the infection. Pain is starting to subside now thanks to Norco & Antibiotics. Schedule for an extraction in 3 days :(

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Raquel suggestions??

omg thats so sxary... firs it was my lower right back molar that was hurting it spread to my gum... i tried the garlic remedy... it worked... it went away.. two days later the other side of my mouth.. the top righ gums started hurting.... it is now spreading to my front and i can feel it on the inside of my cheek


To survive before you get to doctor or dentist for antibiotics....swish with mouthwash, brush teeth throughly, take small amount of polysporin and a sip of water. Swish around concentrating on area of infection. Pain subsides really well. Don't swallow polysporin 😊😊. You can repeat if needed.


Can polysporin ointment be use in my teeth for any problems?

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