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Wolk up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain …in my jaw where I once had a root canal. Had been told by my dentisit that I had the beginnings of an abcess and should take antibiotics . Not my style so I ignored it. I now had to deal with it my self. I immediately did some oil pulling using pure sesame oil for about 20 mins (that is squishing about 1-2Tablespoons around the mouth) to draw out any toxins, bacteria . While i was doing that i externally applied a castor oil massaging it over that area…. After 20 mins I rinsed out my mouth really well and swallowed an oregano oil capsule (natural antibiotic. I then used clove powder to massage over the painful spot inside my mouth till it felt numb. Before I went back to bed I tucked between my teeth and gums in that spot a small clove of garlic with the thin layer of its skin still intact (otherwise it would burn)… got into bed and slept like a baby. YAY!

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Another thing that works try it let me no is if u put a full toothbrush worth of aqua fresh tooth past and scrub really hard over absessed tooth til it bleeds just enough for u to spit some out and then use a mouth wash that has alcohol in it like listerine ect swoosh it around in ur mouth for exactly a min ur tooth pain will be gone for hours!!! I do this every morning lunch time and before bed and I'm telling u I've done it a year now and i only get maybe tooth pain very very light tooth pain not even enough pain to wanna take a pain med that's how light it is I have gotten maybe 3 in the year so far by doing this but every month and day it's less and less pain along as u keep food(that it feeds off of) cafine sugar it uses to spread in ur mouth and u keep that area clean enoughto bleed the toxins out and draw it out with alcohol u should be good and once a week I will swish my mouth after a brushing with veggie oil which draws toxins out to try this out let me no how it works but I garentee u will be satisfied with the advise


So, I had an abscess, and I was waiting a long time for treatment appointment to be financially viable. Anyway I did a good 10+ hours over the course of a week of researching how to keep this abcess from really hurting me, and I have to say 'oil pulling' in every way, and every resource I could find is complete BS. There is NOT any reputable evidence that oil pulling can draw infection out of abscessed teeth or gums.(I don't consider a random user saying how it just worked for them. That is not reputable)I would normally not really care, but that is really irritating and was especially since I tried it 5-10 times just out of sheer desperation while dealing with my issue. I think it's very unlikely that there isn't any scientific (or even just reputable by common sense) evidence of it doing much of anything, and it still actually work. Like it just hasn't been tested or something. This 'myth' has been around for a long time from what my reading showed, and if it worked someone somewhere would have produced some evidence on the subject. I don't see this as the end all, but it did make sense then that my dentist, and assistant at different times had to politely un crack a smile / giggle when I asked them about what they could tell me or thought of 'oil pulling' Some people believe, and more power to you, but might want to mention there is ZERO hard factual evidence that is does anything as abscess's can kill a person in worst case scenario's


There is never scientific proof of any home remedy. If big pharma doesn't sell it, no doctor will ever recommend it. I use organic coconut oil, and it has healed a cavity for me. I have an abscess I am currently working on through oil pulling, and it is working. Just because something doesn't work for you, doesn't mean it won't work for anyone.

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