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I don't have a remedy but I do have some words of hope. I got GH back in 2005 from an older bf that didn't know he had it. So when they say they've been tested and they're clean, don't listen. I too went to the doctor and with a very matter of fact not caring tone was told I had GH. Like many of you I burst into tears and was willing to take whatever meds they would prescribe to make it better.
I took the meds and paid the outrageous prices for years until I realized I had to either pay rent or buy the pills. It was then that I realized I wasn't going to let this disease run or ruin my life. I am not a doctor but I did stop taking the pills for both daily use and outbreaks and noticed that my outbreaks were less frequent, only a couple of times a year. I tend to get outbreaks when I'm extremely stressed or (I know this sounds strange) with the change of seasons.
I also initially thought I would never find someone who would understand or accept me for me, rather only see the GH. I decided to be honest before engaging in any sexual activitites (go figure, someone being honest!) and you would be surprised how many people don't look at the disease, but look at you. I've been with my fiancé for over 5 years and now we're to be married in July 2015.
It's annoying, it hurts and itches at times, and it looks gross but don't let it control your life. They've found cures for other diseases and I look forward to the day that they'll find a cure for GH.

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I am 58yo have had gh for 40years have found by trial and error witchazel soothes soreness and itching nyal cold sore cream camphor/menthol soothes and heals followed by an aclovir cream to minimise duation of the bouts this method is cheap effective no excruciation you can afford the treatment and your rent too i swear by it


I too live with Hsv2. Much success, love & happiness with your marriage.

As many others say: stigma is worse than than herpes in either form. Because ppl are still lying: some on purpose and some from ignorance: lack of knowledge.

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