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If you're here, like me, you've likely already spent a fortune on over the counter preps that aren't much making a difference. If they are not helping, you have poor/compromised vein structure (vascular system).

Repair what is there and you can not only avoid surgery (no matter how bad it feels, it is SO worth trying) PLUS you will prevent it from ever happening to you again. (AMEN).

TRUST ME when I tell you, don't waste one more second before obtaining a good leg vein essential supplement with the following ingredients (or you can buy the ones not found in a combo, separately, all easy to find on-line):

1) Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids
2) Rutin (sometimes this is in the C)
3) Stone Root (also called Collinsonia Root)
4) Horse Chestnut (standardized)
5) Butcher's Broom
6) Bilberry extract
7) Grapeseed extract
8) Hawthorne berry extract
9) Goto Kola extract

Initially, I was concerned as I have a hayfever allergy but none of these supplements bothered me, check with doc if you're particularly sensitive.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you will notice at least small improvements within a few days (for me, within 3.5 days before small noticeable improvement). DO NOT give up because it's not instantly better, that is not how this works! KEEP ON TAKING THEM daily WITH ORANGE JUICE (unless you are experiencing any discomfort, of course).

Every day after that you will notice steady improvement. Just don't forget to take the supplements daily. Once you are at 100%, (don't stop before 100% happens) if it's hard for you to take daily, keep at least a regular maintenance dose maybe 3x a week or over weekends going to prevent further issues.

At the time of this writing, I had used the following which covered all the ingredients listed above:
1) swanson leg vein essentials,
2) solaray vitamin c with bioflavonoid concentrate, rose hops and acerola
3) swanson stone root

But you can find similar with many other vendors.

Important note that you should take to heart. Like in my case, if your veins are in this kind of shape, you may have an undiagnosed nutrition absorption issue, so seriously consider taking a good multiple vitamin with minerals (NOT A TABLET that's encased it what might as well be plastic), also activated B-complex and amino acid complete wouldn't hurt, either.

Always try to get gel capsules, ones with the powder you can see inside of it, in case your stomach does not produce enough acid to break down tablets (so you're not spending money and taking tablets that don't break down for nothing).

In two weeks, if this helped, please, please take the time to come back and post to let others know that this worked for you, too!

Have a happy life! :)

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Are you talking about Hemorrhoids?


Ya she is, I was wondering that too. I wrote down all the ingredients & went to my health food store with the list. Everything except the vitamin c was in the leg vein pill. Right beside it on the shelf was a Hemmroid (sp?!) pill that had the same ingredients but actually not as many on her list. I could see the powder in the capsule but it seemed like plastic instead of gelatin. I opened the pill & mixed the powder in my yogurt to make sure I could digest it. Like she said, small improvements but bleeding stopped after a couple days, pain is about half & getting better day by day:) Day 5 now...

J. D.

I ordered the swanson leg vein essentials after a week of terrible discomfort ... could hardly drive or sit down. I have been taking them for 4 days, and am MUCH better. I don't know for sure it is the pills, but I also have varicose veins, so I will keep taking them. THANK YOU! Also, I tried the Vicks and cortisone while waiting for my pills to arrive, and it caused a rash in my vaginal area. I wouldn't use that if you're a woman. Didn't dare try garlic!

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