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When I noticed I had genital warts I went straight to my doctor. She froze them and prescribed me a cream that I was to apply 3 times a week. I then had to return to my GP once a week to have them frozen again until they vanished which took around 3 weeks. Together with the cost of the 3 doctors appointments and the cream it was around $150, I think the cream was around $70. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to pay whatever I had to in order to get rid of those horrible things! I've just found about 4 more at the base of my penis about 6 months after I had gotten rid of them, so decided I'd buy some 'Wartner' and freeze them myself even though the instructions strictly say not to use it for genital warts. It seems to have gotten rid of a few however I've only just found this site and I'm going to try Apple Cider Vinigar as it seems many people here have been successful with it. This time I've had them for about a week already so I think my warts may be a little more stubborn than most! I will post a comment and let you know how it works for me if anyone is interested.fingers crossed! I will not be using Skinhale as I hate spam!!

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So yesterday after I posted this comment I simply applied a generous amount of ACV to a makeup remover pad and tapped it around the area that was infected. This morning I woke up and took a close look in the shower. I thought that they had gotten smaller over night however couldn't be sure, perhaps I was just hopeful. During the day I just happened to be passing by a naturopath that I had used before for another problem and thought I would go to ask them their thoughts on other natural remedies however I was too embarresed and chickened out. On my own I found a bottle of the 'mother' ACV which I had seen someone else on her post about, so I purchased it. Driving away from the naturopath I was dissappointed that I hadn't plucked up the courage to ask their opinion on it. When I got home this evening I took another look and again they looked smaller. I applied the new 'mother' ACV that I had purchased and went to the gym, came home had shower, and then went out for dinner. I've just come home and went to apply some more right before bed. Can you believe in just 24 hours this mirical juice (Apple Cider Vinigar) has almost rid of my general warts! I can't tell you how happy I am! I will post another update in a couple of days to keep anyone posted who might be reading this forum.


good luck!! acv works wonders


Just like most others on here ACV has cleared me of genatal warts!! I've stopped using it now as they've completely disappeared! I was dabbing most of my crouch area with the apple cidar Vinigar just incase there were warts down there that I couldn't see and I seem to be fine. I didn't really get that stinging feeling that other suggested that they got! I guess everyone is different. My overall hypothesis on APC is that it works and I'll never be worried if these ugly warts start appearing again as I know I can eliminate them in just days! I'm going to use ACV on a fortnightly basis for a little while as a bit of a prevention. Was told to drink a tablespoon of it a day also as it has many other amazing benefits!

Goodbye for now folks! And good luck! Hope I've helped someone out there with my experience!


Just wondering about your taping technique. Did you tape the ACV cotton swab on so the wart was completely cut off from air with tape? I've read about a wart needing to 'breathe' and duct tape being placed over them to 'suffocate' them.



I just soaked the make up remover pad with ACV and dabbed the area well. I didn't use any tap. I guess it was the acid inside the ACV that are away the warts. Also I was told to drink the ACV! They say a table spoon a day will do lots of great things for your body as well as keep those terrible things away.

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