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lost a filling in rear mouler after a month or so it became so painful even trying to drink tap water the pain would travel right through my head and scull.
best result I found was cepacaine oral solution you get it from the chemist approx. $17 bottle 200ml its bright green liquid. its for mouth and throat and is an instant anaesthetic don't swallow it just have a sip an swirl it on your tooth for 30 secs and spit it out don't rinse your mouth with water that just washes it off. then take a couple of nurofen plus that you can only get at the chemist. trust me the cepacaine works very well but you will feel a bit numb in mouth on your tongue etc has a nice mint taste.

don't confuse cepacol with cepacaine
not the same thing but look similar cepecol is just a mouth gargle was dose'nt have the anaesthetic.

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