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Last night I had very bad yeast infection! First I had BV and I was prescribed Metradonale (don't know how to spell it). I hope it cured my BV because it gave me a yeast infection. This is probably my third or fourth time trying using it. Never will use it again thanks to the garlic remedy. I was so sick of over the counter meds and so annoyed of how disgusting the yeast infection was. My parents use garlic in their seasoning and they happened to have the garlic chopped up. Luckily I was able to find a half clove. It was already cut so I didn't have to do anything. I put the garlic in the middle if the messy yeast and went to sleep. I felt the garlic eliminate the yeast! It burned a little but I knew it would be worth it. When I woke up I swallowed a little bit of the chopped garlic and followed it with emergency. Two hours later I took two probiotic pills. I took a shower and the yeast was GONE!!!! I had a little white discharge with little bits of yeast. The messy white clumps were gone! Since I have a little left I put in another clove tonight. I didn't cut it in half but cut the little of the bottom and top of and sliced around it and stabbed it a little with a butter knife. This time I put it all the way up in me. I am going to swallow the garlic against following emergence and probiotics. I will do it for one more night after this. The following 3 nights I plan to insert a vaginal probiotic then next 3 nights will do the garlic remedy! Thank you God for garlic!!

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