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I read through all the advice two days ago, anxious to find the quick cure. I'm completely healed in two days, three days after the outbreak. I tried to find the cheapest and most effective solution. Keep in mind, it was a small outbreak, so depending on severity healing time could be different.

1st - Started taking the valacyclovir I had been prescribed.

2nd - Upped vitamins and healthy eating schedule. Ate lots of veggies, garlic, switched from coffee to green tea with honey.

3rd - Cleaned area 4-5x a day with soap and water, towel dried then rubbing alcohol dabbed on. Applied Vitamin E oil liberally to the sores. Let air dry (went commando for extra air drying).

Seemed to work a charm. If you're in pain, I wouldn't recommend the rubbing alcohol, as it can sting - just clean and dry then Vitamin E. The Vitamin E oil acts as a seal and promotes healing. I think this was the key to a speedy recovery, though the healthy eating definitely helps.

Above all, keep a positive attitude. This infection is annoying but not a disaster. It's super common - as a single lady, I know about 50% of women in my demographic have it. I like to think of herpes as an occasional nuisance, like the big zit that sometimes appears on my forehead. Wish I had a quick cure for that too - if anyone has one please share!

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I've been reading this blog like a mad woman seeking for an easy and cheap solution for GH. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the optimism! It made me smile through my tears. I was just diagnosed yesterday--although I've carry the virus for six months with out signs. and like everyone here who just have been diagnosed, I feel like my world just crumbled. Shame, fear, disgust , loneliness and anxiety have clouded my judgment. I know I must remain calm to make things better, but whenever I have a few minutes to myself I lose it.

I don't want this to get to me but it's hard to come to terms with my new lifestyle. I am most grateful for people like you that have taken the time to bring serenity to people like me that see the future pitch black.

I am not alone, the first outbreak is the worse, I have my grocery list ready to get new items at the store, and most importantly I new hope has arisen that one day I will find someone that will see pass this.

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