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Never use motor oil on a dog! It can kill them. I'm having a hard time not saying worse things but that is a TERRIBLE thing to do.

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All That Wasn't

Honestly, I said the same thing. But it was an old time remedy. My grandfather bred Chihuahuas & that breed is prone to mange. She told me that he would isolate the infected dog & massage the oil into the dog's skin. Keep in mind, this was in the 1950-60's...but no harm ever came to them. She couldn't recall if a method was used to keep the dog from licking, but she said that the dog had a lovely coat & was healthy afterward. He didn't breed for profit, he kept most of them as his own babies. He used this same method on a Golden Retriever they had as well.


Actually a vet in texas had told us it was ok

mark cline

I never had any kind of issues with motor oil!!


We used motor oil on our chows back in the 70's n it was just fine....going to try it on this little chiweenie I got, well rescued.

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