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Okay So I've been reading these posts and got scared that the Angular Cheilitis i developed around a week ago would take months to go away. I noticed a cracking in my lip around last monday, but thought it was just chapped lips. By thursday the pain was so bad i went to see my dentist. My dentist told me that it likely formed from a number of reasons, and that all i should do to treat it was use vaseline. However, the vaseline was not working, and by saturday i got frustrated with the disease and took matters into my own hands. I first tried rinsing the cuts with salt water, but that did not do much. I then tried rinsing my mouth with plain, dish soap. Though it seemed to dry out my lips, my mouth felt a little better. I put polysporin onto my lips right before bed. Do not use any polysporin, i woke up with HUGE SCABS where there used to only be small cuts in the lips. On sunday, i continued to wash the cuts with dish soap (use a non-scented plain one designed for sensitive skin!!!). However, i read that the cuts were actually due to a fungus!! After reading this i went to shoppers and picked up a bottle of CANESTIN- an anti-fungus cream that was designed for athletes foot. I careful took two separate q-tips to apply the canestin directly to the cuts and went to bed. In the morning it was much better! I also started taking a multi-vitamin to try and up my iron and vitamin B! Today, a week after i first noticed the cuts, they are almost completely sealed!! In summary: take a multivatim, or be sure to get vitamins b and iron in your diet. wash you're mouth with dish soap 3-4 times a day. Before bed, apply anti-fungus cream!! and throughout the day if lips get dry, moisturize only with vaseline. (one last weird trick i did was to rub my lips with cucumber to try and replenish some of the minerals that were scraped off after washing with dish soap-don't know if it helped, but it sure didn't hurt!) Good luck to all!

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