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Cinnamon Vogue

What people need to understand is if you have a severe toenail fungus you also need to treat internal causes, which in the vast majority of cases is the Candida Yeast infection. Candida is a major cause of the toe nail fungus. Diabetes often get Candida which thrives in a sugar rich environment. Taking Ceylon Cinnamon stick tea or Ceylon Cinnamon black infused with cinnamon bark Oil will kill the Candida yeast infection and helps modulate your sugar levels. And since Ceylon Cinnamon has low Coumarin levels you can take it every day without damaging your liver, unlike Cassia Cinnamon. And cut out the sugar in your diet.

For topical treatment Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil and other natural remedies work. But Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil with at least 75% Eugenol content works much faster. This is because the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Ceylon Cinnamon Oil is far more powerful. As good as clove oil but more cost effective and easier to use. All you need is 1% Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil mixed with 99% water and spray on your toenail. It works faster. If you have a damaged toenail however, you need to keep applying the oil and drinking the cinnamon tea until a complete toenail grows out which usually takes 6-9 months.

And follow the other rules. New socks, clean and wash your shoes or get new shoes, spray cinnamon oil on your shoes, clean and file your toe nails every other day, use a hair dryer to dry your feet, use sterilized manicure/pedicure equipment, avoid wearing tight shoes, air your feet, avoid damp moist surfaces and eliminate sugar and dairy.

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Kaseem Tahmed

Here was the thing that cured my toenail fungus:
1) 50/50 bleach & hot water soak once a week for 1/2 hour
2) Alternating nights soak toe (s) in Apple Cidar vinegar (Straight not diluted) one night and then straight hydrogen peroxide for 20 - 30 minutes.
3) Use an emory board to sand down the nail 1X per week.
4) Continue for 3 months and be persistent and patient
5) once a week overnight I would rub Vicks Vapor rub on the affected nail and place sock over it

Happy to report that after a long time of struggling with meds this was the cure. No bad medical side effects either and after 6 months new gowth was normal


Well, if Clove essential oil is better than Ceylon cinnamon oil, and I have the clove oil and tea tree oil already, wouldn't that be better?


Ok so I need help please! I've had a fungus on my left toenail 'big toe' for a while I've tried dr.G, another anti fungal nail but I haven't seen a massive improvement. Today at work I noticed some pain so I just clipped my entire nail off. I am extremely nervous but I'd do anything to have a healthy nail. I read some comments on here so I tried soaking my nail with listerine and adding vapor rub once the toe was dry. How long should it take for my nail to grow back?



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