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To all the females out there, there IS an at-home remedy to use to get rid of/fade stretch marks.

I've had stretch marks ever since I stopped doing karate (I was about 12). Being fit does help keep stretch marks away, but as soon as you stop for a long period of time, it's almost 89% positive that you will get stretch marks. I was embarrassed to show off my legs during the summer when I went swimming, so I bought the shorts from Walmart (the ones found in the swimming section). Those worked for a while to hid them, but my friends kept on making fun of me for not 'shaving down there.' I never told my mom because I was too embarrassed so I googled how to get rid of stretch marks.

A lot of the stuff is store bought, but one at home (free, unless you don't have the rub & plastic wrap) remedy that helps quickly is the vapour rub by vix. It doesn't matter what kind, as long as it's the gel thing in the sphere container. You also need to put pastic wrap on your legs (wherever the rub was put). *WRAPPING GUIDES DOWN BELOW* Once your done that, wear tights (or tight pants, I personally recommend tights. After this step, you can go to sleep. If you do it during the day, I find that moving around a lot slows down the process and isn't as helpful. It's best to do this before bed. (The most time it should take is 10 minutes. For me it takes 5).


For legs, wrap it in a circular motion until you've reached a full circle.

For stomachs, do the same.

For bums, do the same but if you go to the bathroom at night you will need to reapply ONLY the plastic wrap unless you wish to do the remedy all over again.

I'm now 13 (going on 14 in a few months) and my mum enrolled me to do swimming classes so during high school I can volunteer at the pools in my area. It is currently Monday, March 24, and did the remedy At 4pm after school, and now 7 hours later I'm already seeing a difference. I reapplied it before I went to bed (with a new wrap & new coat of vix) and I can honestly say it's working. Hopefully by Friday the stretch marks will be clear so I go to my classes confidently and not have to worry about trying to hid the marks on my legs.

*PLEASE NOTE: I think that to keep the marks away, repeating this remedy every week after the marks are gone should help keep them away. Vapour rub isn't expensive and neither is plastic rap.

I hope this remedy works for you as it is currently working for me.

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Yeah it really works. I used it and 3 hours later (On my stomach) They were gone. You can wrap it anywhere, with SARAN - PLASTIC wrap, obviously keep it away from eyes, wounds, genitals, anything like that. Make sure wherever you put it you wrap or it could rub off and try to do it only when you're going to bed, because the more movement, the less results.


Hi does vicks work on white stretch marks?


How long does it take to see results from the vicks vapor rub? Also will it work for stretch marks that are 12 years old????



Don't worry about wrapping techniques. The whole point of wrapping is so it can stay on the surface of your skin and not get rubbed off. I sleep with my tummy, legs and breasts wrapped and in the morning my skin is still covered in Vicks gel. As for the chest, I wear a bra, I put the gel on the top half of my breast, I "lay" suran wrap on the ge area l and tuck the extra wrap Into my bra (it will stick to your chest). I have done this a few times, I see a difference. In the morning I shower it off and apply co co butter for the day.

"Burning" is normal, it's actually a cool sensation, because of the mint :)

Hope this helps


Stared using vicks 4 days ago on my stretch marks being the knee. I am starting to see positive results, stretch masks are fading a bit.

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