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Alkaline Water is exactly what it sounds like! It combats acidity in the body - naturally, not with pills, medication, or chemicals. It is the ONLY water you or your loved ones should be drinking (remember how acidity is linked to disease!). Our family has been drinking this water for over 5 years now and we are absolutely amazed by the miracles it has accomplished for us. My grandmother's arthritis is significantly better, my daughter's acne is gone, my acid reflux is gone, my friend with diabetes no longer needs treatment... this is just a short list of what balancing the pH in your body can accomplish. Be aware, however, that there are lots of scams out there on ionizer machines - you don't want to get anything but the top of the line which is made in Japan and used for over 40 years there. We did a LOT of research before getting ours so I can save you the headache and give you all the info you might need - email me at or call me at (347) 517-3513 ! Would love to help you guys out!

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You can also try using strawberry tea just use the tea bag like you would use a toner and wipe down your face beorfe bed or something.. careful though it may stain your pillow case. I think its because strawberries are a natural anti septic, not sure why this works but it does.

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