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Omg GARLIC works!!! First ten mins u will feel like u r literally dying BUT worth the wait, if u have time lay down n jus breath.

So i took half teaspoon minced garlic
Splash of apple cider vinegar
Half teaspoon vic baby rub ( or regular) i had baby.
Mix it well and then dip cotton ball in it n insert next to or on top of hemorrhoid.

I had to lay down n it BURNED LIKE HELL for ten mins but now I've had in for two hrs n so much relief !!! I wish i knew this 5 days ago !!!!!!

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this home remedies can cure hemorrhoid fast?..i want to try this,, hope it can cure within 24 hrs.


You must be dumb if you try It people


Did it go away? Or shrink. How many times a day do u do it

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