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There are two options that work for BV. Both are over the counter and natural. The first is called PREVEGYNE it is a high concentrate vitamin C tablet that you insert for 6 days. It does cause come discharge so I highly recommend wearing a pad during treatment. I had to ask my pharmacist to order it in and now she keeps it stalked for me. It's a bit expensive but SO WHAT it works!! The next option is called PROVACARE. It's also used by inserting a tablet. (Also causes slight discharge so wear a liner) This tablet is good for BOTH yeast and bacteria. So if you're not 100% sure which one it is go with that one. I stay stalked up on both. I use the provacare (it's a little slower and gentler) after sex or when I feel sick and my immune system is low. I also bring it travelling incase I go in a hot tub or whenever I'm drinking a lot or eating lots of sugar. It's a great for maintanence although it also works too if you have a full on case. However for me if I get a full blown bv infection I use the prevegyne as it's faster acting (wear a pad! Trust me). Anyway my life had changed since discovering these two products so I just wanted to put it out there to see if I could help other women. Bv is horrid so I really hope this helps you too!! :)

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Ive been using provacare for a few days now, I've been having so much vaginal discharges :/. Is that normal?


I just started experiencing bv and yeast infections within the past year of my life. i have always just taking antibiotics and purchased monistat. At the moment I only have bv and the symptoms are stranger than before. Slight watery discharge with slight smell. It also comes and goes on its own randomly. So Im sick of using antibiotics. Just purchased prevegyne. Im going to try the 6 days then go to the clinic for a follow up pap test to see if it cured my bv. (btw i did have a pap test done prior which came out positive for bv but I havent taking anything to get rid of it just yet) Ill post with an update!

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