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Take a coton ball and wet it, squeeze it out until it's knid of moist, then dip it equal parts bakingsoda and salt. Stuff it between tooth and cheek. Sleep with it overnight. This will draw out the abcess and either it will drain out on its own or it will come to a white head and you can pop it. After it has gone down soak a cotton ball in peroxcide and place it in the same place.

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Made it worse!!! swelling from abcess has now gone up to my eye and the inside of my mouth where the cotten ball was placed is raw!!




This worked for me. Woke up 2 days ago with what i thought was a toothache. Started popping ibuprofin, Advil and Aleve. Helped relieve the pain but not the throbbing. As I was feeling my jaw i felt a lump and figured the tooth was abscessed. I used the 1/2 salt 1/2 baking soda and moistened cotton ball off and on all day. The tast was horrible but helped with the pain brought the infection to the surface. I also rinsed with hydrgen peroxide and sucked on a tea bag. Was it just one of these remedies or a combination of all three. not sure..but the abscess is now draining and i no longer have a throbbing sensation. I am going to use the salt and baking soda tonight when i go to bed just to make sure all drainage is gone. Oh and when the abcess came to head i pricked it with a sterilized needle.

Hope this helps

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