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Lilly G

I guarantee that this remedy will work. It tops all others for yellow teeth because it is one of the most effective and doesn't destroy the enamel on your teeth. It is going to sound gross but it actually has an almost neutral taste unlike the popular bi-carb remedy which tastes gross!

1. Get Charcoal either from the fire or buying the activated charcoal capsules which is better.
2. Either crush up the charcoal lumps or open and empty out the charcoal contents from the tablet.
3. rub on teeth for a couple of minutes.
4. wash it all off.

•Can use as often as you like and no damage will •occur to teeth.
•it won't stain your teeth
•it's good for the stomach
•Will see an obvious whitening effect after 3 uses.

My great grandmother used this to brush her teeth every day and the dentist said she had the best teeth he had ever seen!

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this remedy is totally true, I have done it myself quite a fewtimes.

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