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Chode (JRC)

1. roll a fat head
2. smoke it
3.chill for 5-10 mins
4. pain goes down

this will only last on how high you are :D serious remedy this shit works.

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not true,.. im stoned right now and still feel pain lol foreals though... shit probly makes it worse


It work miracles


Dabs work for me temporarily. Green just doesn't do the trick for this pain.


This sounded like such a good idea till I did it! Idk if it was the stoned mind but all I was able to do was focus on just how bad it hurt! Worst thing I ever did and will never do again for tooth pain! I will say this works great for damn near everything else 😉


smoking green has been hit or miss for me. i have been suffering from all 4 wisdom teeth and 2 molars decaying for the past 3 years. its pretty much constant and there are plenty of times i am positive if i lie still enough i will die peacefully and the pain will be gone. the thing that helps me the most is a mixture of sensodyne toothpaste, whisky on the gums and an excessive amount of weed. basically i just bring myself to a near-comatose state while avoiding breathing with my mouth open, changing elevations i.e. climbing stairs or sitting up to fast or eating anything at all. Now i realize that the condition of my teeth is likely far worse than most people because i have let this go on for so long but until i have thousands of dollars to get the extractions this is my plan. This has backfired on me though. there have been plenty of times where i was completely obliterated and feeling good when all of the sudden a screaming pain like a galvanized framing nail was being driven directly into the center of my tooth completely consumed me. in this case all i can hope for is sobriety. if the pain fights through all of that it becomes the worst pain a human can feel. Let me wrap this up. Basically i would say use this method at your own risk. sometimes it works perfectly and the relief will last for hours. but if anything happens to counteract this it can be more painful than i think most people could handle. like you even have a choice lol


I just woke up like 2 hours ago in agonizing pain, I tried to sleep through it and I just couldn't do it. I have smoked, and I just managed to take 3 Aleve. Smoking hasn't helped with pain, just mostly with keeping me calm instead of crying like I was earlier. Yeah, I'm a big baby when it comes to pain because I used to be a heroin addict. So I've been in recovery now for 3 years. Definitely makes my situation a lot worse. Best thing I have found with this type of nerve like pain is to use an anti inflammatory like Aleve or Ibuprofen. But I have to take so much. And its not good for you to do that. I have no insurance and its very very pricey for me to get ONE TOOTH OUT. in the mean time it feels like my whole face hurts. Down into my jaw and up into my sinus cavity into my lips. It is so bad I can't stand it. Maybe I'll just get used to it.


If you're reading this at some ridiculous hour of the night trying to find relief, I feel your pain. Get up out of bed and go take something for pain immediately and preferably in a large dose. (Shit try anything, even Aspirin if its all you have. ) If you have more than one kind. Take both.


Lol I'm stoned now almost done an ounce in three days and trust me the pain hasn't gone at all but in all fairness it's keeping from going mad want to smash my head off the wall this piano is a joke someone come punch me really hard in the face please grrrrr this fucking tooth


I'm thinking of walking into Walmart and just buying one of those temperory cement fillers from the oral health isle. It's 5 am and I've been awake since 3. Smoking has helped if I'm able to distract myself with busy work or even music. Great medicine. They prescribe this cancer patients for a reason. ?


Lol i saw this while smoking a doob i just rolled, usually herb helps a bit but it depends on the strain. I loved the critical plus that i grew, killed all pain and didnt put you out or feeling couch locked

but sadly ive gone through almost 2 pounds in the past 2 months and only have a few grams left until next season ????

I find clove oil works best for me, just grab a q tip and put a couple drops on and apply to affected tooth/teeth.

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