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My daughter got toe fungas many years ago. The doctor prescribed her meds of course. It would be over $200 for three or so months’ supply.

When I looked up the side effects I was shocked to see there was risk of kidney or liver failure (can’t remember which one). So the doctor wants me to pay $200, put my young teen on a med that has the risk of kidney/liver failure to treat a toe fungus? Are FKG kidding me!
I did some research on natural remedies mostly from this website and this is what we did and it worked.

I bought 12-16 new pairs of socks for her. Every morning and night she soaked her foot in warm apple cider vinegar for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, she applied a topical solution to the affected area and put fresh socks on. She repeated this process twice a day for two weeks slacking off a bit here and there but by the third week it was 100% gone, never to come back. We managed to save her nail. 5 years later it has not returned and it cost me all but 40 dollars!

What you will need.....

Brand new socks, enough pairs to change your socks at least twice a day. We kept the “treatment” socks separate from our clothing and washed in hot water to make sure the fungus did not carry on elsewhere.

Tub or Tupperware container to soak your foot in, and anther or a bag to throw your “treatment socks into”

Apple Cider Vinger cause it is highly anti-fungal.

Topical solution with undecylenic acid. I found a topical solution where the athlete’s foot stuff is located. There were two options with a few oils in it. I picked the one with the highest concentration of undecylenic acid as it’s proven to be highly anti fungal as well.

I have to say I am very grateful for this site. It’s taken me far too long to post our results!

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Was the vinegar 100percent or diluted?


how muh of the Apple Cider vinegar to you put with how much water?


sorry for the past typos
'How much of the Apple Cider Vinegar did you use and with how much water?'


Just wondering what it was you put on top after soaking??


I just read on another site, 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts water.


Forgot to add......soak 15 minutes daily.


Did this work for any of you?

Yuno B

What topical solution did u use?


2014: Curing Toenail fungus, cures, from published peer reviewed journals

I've been reading all the threads on this site related to curing nail fungus. I have yet to see one that is based on honest to god recent scientific articles published in peer reviewed journals. Just do a Google search using the actual scientific name for nail fungus (Onychomycos, also known as 'dermatophytic onychomycosis, or 'tinea unguium). Something like 'onychomycos cure abstract' will bring up the same scientific published journals I read. You will also need to read some of the references they each list at the end of their papers.


You could save yourself 2 or 3 weeks and just read my summary below:

1) Heat
7 types of the most common nail fungus were tested in Petri dishes and it was found that the lethal temperature lies between 40 - 60 degrees Celcius. This is why laser treatments work; but, a hairdrier which is a lot cheeper, is equally effective. Ideally you want to heat the nail itself only (which has no nerve endings, thus no pain) so get a thick piece of cardboard to protect your foot and toe skin and cut an exactly nail shaped hole. Use a hairdryer to heat your nail over 40 deg C. for 10 minutes once or twice a week. Buy one of those infrared temperature meters that will measure the temperature of your nail just by pointing it at the nail. They come keychain fob sized these days.Don't ever heat more than 60 deg or you will burn your skin.

2) pH
Fungus does not only die if the temperature of its environment is over 40 degrees, it also dies if pH drops below 4. Normally toe and nail are about pH 7, so you have happy Fungus. Try painting your nail with phosphoric acid gel. Phosphoric is a weak Organic acid with a pH of 1. You can easily buy it at your Hardware or auto parts store. It's the main ingredient in some auto rust removers (check the label for ingredients). This is why some people have suggested Vinegar. It contains Aceitic Acid with a pH of about 3 - not quite low enough for our purposes; we want to f'ing kill this stuff, not just annoy it.If it starts to burn that's great. It means the acid has soaked totally into your nail and reached your nailbed, which does have (very sensitive) pain nerves. Take the pain as long as you can then wash it off. People with the highest pain thresholds did the best in this study.

3) Essential Plant Oils
Sometimes I am just totally amazed by the things Scientists can get funding to study. These guys studied whether Vic's Vapo Rub can kill toe fungus, or if this is just a folk remedy. Guess what ? It really works! Then they proceeded to figure out exactly why and how it works. They did not just F-around either. First they ran the Rub through a Gas Chromatograph repeatedly until they identified 98.5% of what it is made of (presumably the other 1.5% is still unknown to Science). Only 2 compounds made up more than 10% each of Vapo Rub: Carvacrol, or cymophenol, and I forget the name of the 2nd one. It turns out Carvacrol is in both Tea Tree Oil and Oregano, which is why people have been suggesting them. Vapo Rub instead uses Thymol (from Thyme - the spice) and Camphor which have plenty of Carvacrol. They then ran Fungus Cells under a frigin Electron Microscope to find that Carvacrol works by causing lesions (holes - why don't they just say holes?) in the cell membranes of Fungus. The goo inside then leaks out and the Fungus dies right down at the cellular level. Amazing. Apparently Fungus cell walls are made of Ergosterol and not Chlosterol like the cells of all mammals (including us). Essential Oils leave Chloresterol alone.

4) Prescription Medication
Lamisil (Terbafine Hydrochloride) is the most powerful drug your Doctor is likely to prescribe. It targets Ergosterol too, but can't punch holes in it. It instead goes right through the Ergosterol and once inside the cell, badly messes up the enzymes and other stuff the cell needs to function. So again, it kills down at the cellular level. Also, you can buy it over the counter in Mexico. Go down, have a great holiday, and bring some back. I chose Cancun.

I've had nail fungus for over 35 years now now. Once or twice a month it routinely breaks out and I get an Athletes foot attack. Needless to say, this sucks, so I am 3 months now into using ALL of the things I've listed above.

Oh I forgot nail abrasion (which means grinding your nail down as thin as you can stand with a Dremel tool or electric sander. There is a paper showing this works too).

My routine is:
Once a week I grind my nail.
Twice a week I paint on Phosphoric Acid gel (just like nail polish).
Twice a week I heat my nail to 50 deg C (all I can stand) for 10 minutes
Every morning I apply Lamisil spray
As soon as it dries I rub in Vic's Vapo rub
After the rub stops burning (about 2-3 hours) I add Lamisil creme on top

I'm 3 months into this. Yesterday 3/4rs of the top half of my nail fell off. No pain, it just fell off.This was the most fungsy area. The part of the nail left underneath is a beautiful full pink, clear, healthy colour. This seems to work.

Goodluck. I hope some of these ideas help you. I totally understand what you are going through. Looks like there are many ways to end it topically without taking dangerous systemic (pills you swallow) drugs.


I'm not too surprised that something different did/did-not work for everyone. There are only 7 types of fungus I came across in my searches; but I repeatedly read that there are LOTS more out there. Plus molds, bacteria, and even tumours can cause the same look and none of them will respond to my suggestions in the long first post (check Wikipedia under onychomycosis if you are really interested).

That's why I just assumed I probably had the most likely agent (T. Rubrum or Candida Fungus), and chose to try everything that I could find scientific proof for all at once. So far, so good.

Oh, and topical Lamisil alone did not work for me either over a 3 year period of proper Medical prescription treatment. It always got a bit better, but came back big time immediately after I stopped.

Go with what works for you.


Too bad this is buried in a comment. Thanks for posting.

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