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Kratom powder. I have had this my whole life. I am 29 now. This powder works amazingly. Or you can get the liquid shots called 'vivazen' not a good taste but it will do wonders for you. It will also make you feel pretty nice.

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I tried Kratum and was able to cut my dose of prescription med in half. Sadly after about 6 weeks I started having symptoms of gall stones and elevated liver levels. Stopped the Kratum and it all cleared up. Still have the RLS. Tried pot (it's legal here) and it helped but tasted bad. Tried various types: roll on, ecig style. Most did nothing but a couple made a difference. Still searching...


Kratom is what gave me RLS after a year of taking it on and off for C-PTSD (from life long narcissistic abuse). It works great but it's kind of like robbing Peter to pay Paul because when you stop taking it or take a few days off, WHAM, the RLS hits. I didn't even have RLS until I took Kratom for a year except for one brief period of about 6 months when I was taking Percocet. These opiate drugs and alkaloids somehow contribute to RLS.

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