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Up till 3am. Nothing worked. Finally after looking at thos website, i was able to sleep peacefully andsmile after extreme pain.
1. Only had minced garlic so dipped napkin inn the oil and pput on inside of mouth. Almost immediate relief, it was amazing!!!
2. After about an hour, it started up again, so i tried alternating between garlic oil and vanilla extract.
3.What clenched the deal and gave me the longest lasting relief...vapor rub on the outside of my jaw!
This site is awesome?

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Omg this really does work I had a 7 year old screaming last night I was willing to try anything!! I googled it and saw this comment so I tried it! I think it's a miracle!! After just 10 mins or less toothache GONE! Still can't believe it now! Full nights sleep! I have added it to Facebook thank u so much 😀😀😀😀


Omg i just tried it on my self and my mouth taste so bad but it subdued the pain still there just not as strong mine is my wisdom tooth the nerve is showing any other advice lol


I didn't have any garlic oil so I put garlic powder in bowl added just enough water to make a paste and it works a bit


is that vicks vaporub? I'll have to try that


The Vicks Vaborub has given me so much relief. I woke up an hour ago with a toothache and Googled home remedies. I didn't have some of the things mentioned to hand but I did have Vaborub. Thank you and God bless.


The vapor rub really gave my fiance relief from the pain of this horrible toothache. Thank you for your ideas.

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