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Thanks all for reminding me of stuff that's worked before. I have dealt with this nonsense off an on 20 years or so, and it just popped up after an absence of several years. Having never been married, it seems specific to certain partners - some 'give' it to me, some don't. This one did, but only after we gave up 6 months of condom use to try unprotected sex using vaginal contraceptive film. The first time it was nothing, the second time I noticed something right away. I was already having intuition that our chemistry was not good, but I went ahead, and I am just not getting it and realizing what it is and being reminded of what's worked for me. Since this has been such a big problem for me off and on over the years, I was imagining breaking up being the solution (that is another story - maybe our not getting along this week is affecting my stress, as well as overwork and some bad PMS?) I do get the feeling it is an overall health thing but also maybe it has to do with my chemistry being off with someone, maybe physically or maybe in general? Idk. I am just grateful for this sight because I like natural medicine and hope to use yogurt (I sense a lot of relief from the pain and itching already from inserting some), and I hope to try some probiotics. I used garlic clove and it helped slow down the discharge. There is a good recipe for a Greek dish called
tzatziki (to eat)
Plain Greek yogurt
olive oil
chopped cucumber
a bit of salt
and TONS of minced garlic.
Stir it all up, YUM.

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