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Sublimed sulphur ( available at the pharmacy..mixed with enough Vaseline to make a paste) rubbed on the infected skin will cure mange. The sulpher is about 2-3 dollars a bottle. The vaseline is used so when the dog licks the mixture he or she can digest it more easily. I used this remedy on a number of skin issues over the years. ( I lived in the mountains of WV Where there were lots of mangy critters in the woods.)..cheapest way out!!!! Good luck

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Can i use this on the face of my puppy her hair is falling off also her ears are infected because she can't stop shaking her head and cries when she scratches it. Im about to try the oil drop in her ear to stop the itching

Milo's Mom

I want to try this remedy, but my dog is always in the house with me. I'm curious how long the vase line takes to absorb to the point so that my dog doesn't get my furniture and carpet greasy. Or is there a less messy alternative to vaseline?


Vasaline is a petroleum based product and does not offer the dog aid in digestion at all...Instead try using a natural edible oil with added health benefits such as coconut oil or Almond oil as a base for the sulfur

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