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I went through my whole puberty life with out a single zit in my face. I promised myself that if I found something that worked I would let the world know it . First of all you need to know why you are breaking out it could be hormonal (get laid , pms) it could be hygiene (you know you slept with make up on ) or in my case it could be stress . I have dealt with allergy break out with are not really pimples does not have pus but they are swollen and hurt . I deal with those using caladryl or calamine . So now being 23 I was told that lay off might happen at work and I started panicking (this is why I would be a terrible criminal) I panic and stress too much . And your body has ways of dealing with this I have woken up with sore teeth from grinding them at night or with my lymph nodes swollen . This time I broke out with tiny white heads all over my forehead. I bought a face wash , I bought another . At the end mothers knows best I found this sulfur cream at Walmart called De la cruz . This is what cleared my break puts with in 3 days and scabs from the ones I had picked at . I thought this is great ! Until it happened the bridge of my nose felt sore like an ingrown pimple . And then the next day another the side of my nose felt sore and that day I saw the after math. I looked like Rudolph the red nose reindeer . I tried sulfur again it didn't work . I tried caladryl, calamine. Then I read about lemon , garlic, apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil. If you have a golden skin tone as mine do not try this these are bleaching agents for our skin . I asked my mom again . And by this time I had the 2 in my nose another one in the opposite side of my nose and one in my cheek . You know how painful that is . So this is what my mom said get vicks (yes we are Mexican we use this for everything) and hydrocortisone or Dr Smith (baby butt rash cream) and and a little bit of boric acid . So I did that last night and this morning and after I got out of work and bam you can even tell they are there . Now since my first break out I have treating my skin with Pomada de La Campana ( Walmart 0.99) and my skin is super soft and dark spots have been fading. I'm glad I found this remedy I was about to spend 5 hours dripped in microwaved sperm .Or try proactive which has terrible reviews. Sorry for any grammar errors my phone is being a wacko

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