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I had the worst earache of my life. I was reduced to tears! It felt as if I was being repeatedly stabbed in my ear with an icepick! I'm submitting this because I understand how SEVEAR pain will make you try anything to make it stop, but some of the remedies I've read here are dangerous. I found the remedy I'm suggesting on this site and it scared me, but the pain made me desperate enough to try it, plus it sounded A LOT safer than the rest. It worked like a charm in less than 30 minutes. Later I called my pharmacist and made an appointment with my ENT doctor to ask both of them if I had done something dangerous or stupid. To my relief BOTH ASSURED ME this was a well known remedy that's SAFE & EFFECTIVE! It worked on my pain better than prescription strength did.

1. Wash hands
2. Mix equal parts white vinegar and
70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol.
(ex. use one of the caps of these
items to measure both equally)
3. Drop 1-2 drops in the affected ear.
don't let the dropper touch your
ear or you'll contaminate it and
make infection continue.
4. Lay down for a few minutes with a
warm compress or heating pad on the
5. place a large cotton ball on outer
ear only, to drain.
6. Repeat in a few hours if needed.

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My daughter is 2. Would this b okay on her


Do i keep it in my ear snd is it ok if i use 50% of the alchohol


You can only do this if you are 100% sure that the infection has not burst your ear drum.

If it has, the acid (vinegar) alcohol combo will cause more damage and incredible pain.

Be VERY careful about what you put in your ears.

If unsure, ask a doctor. You don't have to take the antibiotics, but they should be able to suggest alternatives.

Common sense suggests that unless you know exactly what has caused your pain/infection, you should not be putting anything in your ears; including cotton buds, water, olive oil, heat, cold, acid, alkali or pure ethanol alcohol.

Think about it, you have very delicate nerve endings and semi-permeable structures in your ears. As you do in your anus, vagina or penis. Would you put the suggested remedies in any of those other sensitive places?

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