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I recently moved to the country & the flies were driving me crazy. We had those fly strips everywhere. So I started researching and discovered they hate the smell of lavender oil. So I put a little in the burners I Have leave the in my living room and within 2 days there wasn't a fly one in my house. You have to be careful because it's sometimes used to help you sleep. Lavender has a calming effect. So whether you want to get rid of flies or calm down and get some sleep I swear by Lavender oil.

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Just sprayed lavender around my bed to keep the fly in my apt away from me... He has disappeared!!!!


What kind if lavender can you spray


Hi, as many of you I live between two large hoarse boarding stables. Flies Ahoy!!!
I have to say I tried the lavender first and I'm sorry to say it had zero affect. It may work if you have just the one fly.
Then I tried the soap and water and made up my own recipes like many of you did. And it worked super great!!!! Other than my shooting skills need a lot more work. Bring it on Fly Boy's yeeeeha!!!
Thanks to all of you very much you have saved our sanity, we can now lay on our fanny's in peace LOL

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