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So I have had 3 abcesses/infections so far. I found the best treatment to start with is to water fast. Drink only water. Absolutely no sugar as this is what feeds bacteria. I know its hard, but the longest you can go without eating is best because the bacteria need food. Starve it and the infection can't spread very far. If you can get antibiotics that is great. If you are absolutely desperate and do not have the money to go to a Dr. Go to a vet supply store and buy fish mox or fish antibiotic pills (buying online may take too long). These are essentially the same pills just packaged differently. Please do the research and you will see. They are the same thing without a prescription. Google for dosages. I took a stong enzyme supplement (got mine from vitamin shoppe) that included a lot of protease enzymes (don't take with food and may cause nausea if you take too much) This works synergistically with antibiotics. I found hot salt water worked very well to bring the abcess to a head or at least to where I could lance/puncture it to drain. I would also soak a cotton ball in it and put it between my cheek and infected tooth. I tried a lot of other remedies on this site, but didnt find they helped very much at all. For pain, I took 400mg of ibuprofen/advil every 2 and half hours when it was at its worst. I tried not to use too much as its bad for the liver and stomach. I don't recommend alcohol as this kills your beneficial bacteria that can help you get over the infection.

Be patient. It will pass. If it really swells up to the size of a baseball don't wait to go to ER. I highly recommend epsom salt baths just to relieve the stress this causes. I know the pain is hard to handle.

Remember to take probiotics after or during antibiotic use to replenish beneficial bacteria. I use VSL #3, kefir and eat yogurt on a daily basis. This will help if you experience recurrent infections like I did. Can't stress enough to stop eating sugar and brush and floss teeth well. Carb specific diet or GAPS diet is something you could look into afterward as well.

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Hey this info was the best ,its great to have this sort of information when you need it,everything you spoke about gave me the full insight to absses behavior,i also have had a few absses and hav always gone to ER or DR,this is a great way to save .:)


It's really dangerous to let a tooth abscess go without antibiotics. You can get a prescription for antibiotics even if you can't afford to go to a doctor normally. You could go to any clinic, emergency room, or county health department for this. Otherwise you might end up with a heart infection from your tooth abscess and that would be way more damaging to your body than the side effects of the antibiotics.


I started taking antibiotics yesterday, but the swelling and pain is horrible. I am taking ibprofen and pain meds. How long do you think it will take for the antibiotic to start working? I am also rinsing with salt water and listerine, but thinking now that the listerine might have sugar in it.thank you for the info!

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