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I am finally free of this dreadful infection! I do not have any idea where it came from but suffered, yes suffered, for the next year & a half after the first time I got it. I had it reoccur chronically over that time span & it was miserable! Just when I thought it was gone, here it came with a vengeance...
I was treated by my doctor repeatedly & was given every single antibiotic there was. It would subside, then come back. I tried every single natural remedy as well, no bueno.... You name it, I've tried it.
I really don't know what finally made it go away but it's gone for good & I actually feel different knowing for certain it's not coming back this time because I have not had one sign or symptom for 6 months now. I do have an educated guess & suspicions on what finally did the trick.
My doctor eventually wrote me a prescription for the Metronidazole vaginal gel with unlimited refills & said we needed to attack this aggressively & consistently. Twice a week I was supposed to use it but twice a week I decided to just put a big glop on my finger & insert it that way, really making sure to coat allllll around the inside of myself in all the folds & up toward my cervix. In the meantime I was taking large raw garlic cloves and inserting them with little slits in them, also inserting 1-2 Fem Dolphlius at a time also orally taking them. Trying at the same time to avoid sex, or making sure my husband pulled out. One day while cooking I was roasting whole garlic head cloves & decided to just eat a bunch after they were roasted because they were so good. I also researched alkaline diets & tried this for a few days to reset myself. After I did that, mainly eating butternut squash soup & kale, my bv never came back. I KNEW it was gone. I could actually FEEL it had left my body. I really hope this helps anyone struggling, because trust me I know what a bitch this thing is. Good luck!

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Thank you for the info on the subject at hand, BV.

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