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WEll, I just discovered 4 days ago that I have anal warts and some a bit inside of my the surround area of my anus. So I was so scared of it and I felt like im so hopeless.. I was about to go a doctor but reading this site makes me feel better. Since there is no ACV in the Philippines. I read about the equivalent of ACV here, so I found out that its quite the same with sugarcane vinegar/datu puti vinegar.
Here is what I did:

1. Two table spoon of Vinigar
2. Two Caps of Salicilic Acid

mixed them and get the something used for injection? LOL I don't know what icalled but just remove the niddles of course. so I used it for inside part. and cottonballs with the mixture of VInigar and sAlicilic, the vinegar itself is not burning but because its mixed with SA, its burning like hell.. I am using it for 3 days now and while im at work I wipe my butt with tissue and the warts started to fell and I saw it in the tissue paper too.. for the first time I though it was just one small group of warts but when I put vinegar all of the warts turns to white and I found little ones around my anus that makes them visible.. so I will continue to use this one and will update you soon... I can feel that the Warts is getting smaller actually so I will continue for more days.. and will let you know...

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ACV can be found in SM SUPERMARKET everywhere. i used HEINZ brand same as ketchup Brand


Update please!


Mine is gone. It's on the healing stage. Stopped applying on the 3rd or 4th day after noticing the lumps are gone. Good thing I didn't opt for surgery, which the doctor suggested.


its almost two weeks, and the bumps is totally gone, only a bit left. im quite happy coz when i look at the picture before and after, its like totally different, its get better a lot. (yeah i take a picture of it)
but im still applying the ACV.


apple cider vinegar availablein allsuper market in vinegar section, i used white vinegar like datu puti bcoz at first i thought also theres no alavailabe acv here in the phil but it also work may anus warts gets smaller now. believe me or not, i want to give hope for everyone bcoz even me experience this anus warts that makes me crazy


I think it works to me since the warts on my anus became smaller than before but I felt like I'm in hell. Where can I buy bio oil and witch hazel here in the philippines? pls reply tnx


hi guyz... need help here...
i just noticed this prob. earlier... is that for real DATU PUTI venigar w/SALICILIC ACID can also help for anal warts? I'm really scared bout this dunno where it come from. however ever good thing i google it right away and give me some hope upon having this info's and not take expensive surgeries... hope it will work... guyz can you also give me dome updates? beep me up here... im in PHIL as well... 09153735039


Hey. How was it? Im from philippines too. Please let me know what happened. Im a girl
And i feel really really worried. 09276110480


you can buy acv in major groceries and dept stores go to the condiments section vinegar

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