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WEll, I just discovered 4 days ago that I have anal warts and some a bit inside of my the surround area of my anus. So I was so scared of it and I felt like im so hopeless.. I was about to go a doctor but reading this site makes me feel better. Since there is no ACV in the Philippines. I read about the equivalent of ACV here, so I found out that its quite the same with sugarcane vinegar/datu puti vinegar.
Here is what I did:

1. Two table spoon of Vinigar
2. Two Caps of Salicilic Acid

mixed them and get the something used for injection? LOL I don't know what icalled but just remove the niddles of course. so I used it for inside part. and cottonballs with the mixture of VInigar and sAlicilic, the vinegar itself is not burning but because its mixed with SA, its burning like hell.. I am using it for 3 days now and while im at work I wipe my butt with tissue and the warts started to fell and I saw it in the tissue paper too.. for the first time I though it was just one small group of warts but when I put vinegar all of the warts turns to white and I found little ones around my anus that makes them visible.. so I will continue to use this one and will update you soon... I can feel that the Warts is getting smaller actually so I will continue for more days.. and will let you know...

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How was it?im from the phil.too...pls do txt me 09156809744

anonymous guy

how it was I have it too... from philippines here just text me 09292541503.... pls help me guys. thanks a lot...


how its is?

Mr alone

Where to buy salicilic acid?


There's ACV in Healthy Options.


im in phillipines too.. please help me.. reply this comment or text me +639065152445. i have this wartz for 6 weeks already. just please.


Now on my third day. Will post for updates.


The big ones are gone! I can't believe it worked. Though, do I still continue to apply ACV?


where we can buy acv????


i think da one who wrote this remedy already died, so sad.

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