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(Sorry for all the typos in my previous post...)I been having multiple warts growing on the bottom of one of my toes for four months now and the pain has been extremely unbearable. I tried a few .vitamins and different brands of sylic acid and those treatments made my warts worse. Upon using the sylic acid my skin became very tender and painful thus creating a thick layer of hard skin. I regret ever trying this because it was a waste of time for me. I read someones home remedy on here about using 100 % vitamin E oil and so I kicked it up a notch by buying the the Vitamin E oil 15,000 IU from the beauty supply store along with Palmer's cocoa butter formula from Walmart with more vitamin E (not the lotion the thick Vaseline oil type in a round container) I would take a shower clean it good and dry it thoroughly....then apply the Vitamin E with a cotton swab and a thick amount of the Palmers cocoa butter....before putting on my socks and shoes. There is no need to cover because the ointments are enough suffocation but be sure to use thick white socks 100% cotton only. The treatment is natural and works if you apply it on a daily basis. Using colored or thin sick is not good it will only irritate it. ( trust me) after days of applications the wart should start to turn black meaning its starting to go away. No need to cover and give your feet some air time too during the nights after a long day of work or school.... This really helps so try it out and be patient.

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I wish I could put this on every web page there is out there!!! We have a family doctor at our local clinic that we see on a regular basis. one day I called the pharmacist and asked if if there was ANYTHING out there to try for my son's Planter's warts! because he DID try EVERYTHING out there! and at his age (23) your self esteem really can undo you! SO he told me about this Doctor at our local Clinic which gave out a prescription, The ONLY Doctor there that gives out this medication for wart's. The reason he is the only one to prescribe this medication for the wart's, and no other doctor will is because the main reason this prescription is given out USUALLY is for stomach problems!!! But he discovered that every patient which took this medication for their stomach problems and had wart's, those wart 'ALL' of them went away!!!!! So he started to prescribe them for wart's as well.
So we went to see this Doctor and we told him about my son's Planters wart's including the one's on his finger's, and he prescribed this medication for a year, it is called 'TAGAMET' each tabled has 600mg, OR the derivative is called 'CIMETIDINE' 600mg for each tablet taken one in the morning and one in the evening with something to eat!So my son started to take them! he hates pills and believe me, he did the apple cider vinegar for about 6 month's and there was incredible improvement, but they were still there, after starting on the TAGAMET, we have started to see an improvement after one week, the ones on his hand's are GONE, and the planters wart's on his feet are also almost completely gone!!! they are simply dissolving, as though the body is turning the clock back! IT WORKS!!!!!!!!! As the Doctor said, wart are a symptom NOT the cause, so in order to get rid of the symptom one has to treat the cause, which is a virus in the system!and TAGAMET does that!!!!!, if you take other medication but your doctor says it's safe to take! IT WILL WORK!!!! it's like the cure has been there ALL ALONG, yet nobody clicked on it! PLEASE POST BACK if you try it and they are gone!!! you could help me spread the work OK? your ally in Battle against wart's

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