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I went to Sam s Club looking for pastries. They were giving free food samples. One was a drink. I was nt interested until the person said 'it will take away your cramps'. That caught my attention because my 87 yr old mom was suffering from leg /thigh cramps to the point of extreme torture. I bought the product which is a powder in 30 small packets you dissolve in water and that same night after just one packet her cramps were gone, completely. It s called ECO DRINK. Also sold in costsco s. Best Wishes.

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I use to have to get out of bed get my husband a bottle of water, mix ACV and a packet of sugar for his leg cramps. When his leg/thigh cramps started he said it took forever for me to get this together. when I read your comment about ECO Drink I immediately went out to get some... now he just has to pour a packet into his water bottle by the bed without having to wake me up. not knowing when these cramps would hit was beginning to break my sleep pattern. He now carries a packet with him everywhere (the car, the office etc.) Thanks for sharing.

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