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This page has been a godsend. I've been getting painful boils on my buttocks and chest since '95. The pain is a sharp jolt through my nervous system. It'll literally bring me to tears. Can't walk, sit, lay down, etc.

I've read every post on here and I just wanted to say thank you. I thought I was alone in all this. Now I know that i'm not the only one.

As i'm posting this, I have a terrible painful boil the size of a tennis ball on my left buttock. I will power on. Not going to the clinic to get it lanced. I'm taking epson hot baths twice a day and popping ibuprofin.

Y'all just made me stronger. God bless.

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sounds like you may have Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Chronic and there is no cure or treatment. Use a hot wet cloth on boils to bring to a head.


I'm not so sure there isn't any cure. Homeopathy has answers for re-curring issues. Joette Calabrese is one practioner who is highly recommended and makes a LOT of sense. Check her out online. There is a reason for why you keep getting boils. Once you get to the real problem, you'll quit have the same symptoms over & over. Lydia


This is my first boil and I'm going on 49 yrs, I discovered it on my bottom above my rectum. It didn't hurt at first, but then 4 days later after it popped, oh my, the pain is unreal. It hurts to walk, sit, bend....well you know. Mom recommended a sits bath with epsom salt. I tried it, and noticed relief. Hot water and 1 cup of epsoms salt. Thanks mom. I dried the area and then applied triple antibiotic and a bandage. I hope it goes away and never comes back.


I Honestly thought I was alone in this too. Like there was just something wrong with me ,But seeing that other people actually go through this pain too eases my mind a bit. Currently dealing with a painful one on my butt.

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