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Amy O.

I've been suffering from GERD for more than 3 years and last October had the Nissen Fundiplication surgery but it didn't help because I have slow motility digestion issues. Because of the reflux, I have a hard time sleeping. My husband, who works out constantly, suggested that I take a Humano Growth product to help with the sleeping. I took 4 of these capsules one night and it completely took away the reflux! I've tried everything you can think of including acid reducing medicines: Nexium, Aciphex, Protonics, natural medicines, vinegar, pickle juice,etc. and this stuff has changed my life. It's something to do with the way it drops your cortisol level, reduces excessive phlegm production, etc. All I know if that it works and it's all natural. My husband's friend, Gene Labrada at provides my husband with his supplements. Good luck!

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Black licorice is a natural remedy for heartburn and acid reflux. I have found, though, that the people who don't like black licorice, are the very ones who suffer from these maladies!!


I too had the surgery and it seemed to work for a month or two,gradually I started to get heart burn back and some reflux,this morning I woke up choking on acid and the burning was so severe,from my stomach to my throat,i tried omaprozole,tums,piece of bread with peanut butter,now finally after hearing about apple cider which I don't have,im eating peeled sliced apples.My heart dosent feel spasamed and crushed right now but I still have tha line of acid that I can feel from my stomach to my throat,My doc is in surgery and im stuck out on a farm with no car..

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