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dave davidsdon

Here is my story.
Chipped my tooth on a piece of bone aeting a chop at a bbq, it hurt a bit at the time but after a day or 2 it had settled down.
Well the pain would come and go over the next month but after a couple of asprin/ibuprofen it would go away again.
Until 1 horrible morning a woke up with a massive pain and swelling under said tooth.I took a heap of painkillers and made it through the day,the next day I had lost feeling from my chin and bottom lip and the pain and swelling was worse.I tried these home remedies clove oil(vile),salt water,heat packs,cold packs etc etc I would have even sacrificed my cat to satan to make this pain go away.
I could not eat or sleep for 2 days and every time my heart beat I could feel it in my jaw(I have been stabbed twice and been in car wrecks breaking bones)this pain was THE WORST I have ever had.
After the 3rd night of no solid food and little to no sleep I looked and felt like a zombie.My girlfriend forced me to go to the dentist.
The x ray showed a small abscess on chipped tooth but because I left it so long a huge abscess was on the next tooth over.He numbed me and drilled through my good tooth to the large pile of soul crushing pus it erupted like a volcano he washed it out then capped it,he removed the chipped tooth(to far gone)and again it sprang forth a river of pus,after more rinsing ,draining
I was sent on my way with a prescription for antibiotics and a steroid dexamethasone.
After the numbing wore off the pain returned with a vengeance I took the pills twice recommened dose and in 2 hrs the pain was almost gone,within 48 hr the swelling was gone and so was the pain,i got full feeling back in my lip and chin in 5-6 days.
The pain I felt was unbearable and a result of the infection pressing directly on the nerve no amount of clove oil will fix this or the reason for the infection(ie chipped tooth)I never want to go through this again nor would I wish it on anyone.
See a DOCTOR or DENTIST or you too will be here warning others of 3 days and nights of torture and sleep deprivation.

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Thank you for sharing your story. I'm afraid mine might be very similar. The only difference I see thus far is that with my broken tooth, I had a horrible taste in my mouth just after the pain shot through my gums. I'm now wondering if it was the pus you spoke of. Unfortunately I am out of state and do not have dental insurance or health insurance for that matter but I think I might find the closest cash n carry place :) Thanks again for sharing.

dave davidsdon

Good luck Cindy.
If you start to lose feeling in your lips chin or other part of face please get some help.My dentist told me if I have had let it go on much longer the infection could have damaged my nerve beyond repair and I would have permanent damage and numbness.
People used to die from these sort of infections in their teeth before antibiotics.


I feel your pain mine is like that! !!


Finally someone is addressing the chipped tooth abscess issue. I'm in heart failure due to massive heart attack 4 yrs ago. And now my already 'soft' teeth' are decaying & crumbling faster than I can even try to get them repaired. Plus I'm on disability but for some strange reason every dentist I've visited my Medicare nor Medicaid paid for anything. I had 2 teeth (bottom right) extracted @ 1 time. Even though it was a long, painful & difficult process (dentist had to keep stopping to give me shots until she finally found the live nerve & deadened it) yet they only charged me $90. The next visit I had 1 tooth extracted not nearly as difficult & despite being told they would @ least attempt to file my insurance they happily informed me after the procedure that I was to pay $135. And the chipped tooth that's got me in so much pain was next on the 'to pull' list. However after they charged me the $135 they expected me to be able to come back about a week later & get this one pulled. Well since that is over 1/8 of my monthly check it didn't happen. So now I'm taking some Amoxicillin that had been prescribed the previous month (for sinus infection) along w/ my Norco that I get monthly (for my chronic back & amputated leg pain plus migraines). Obviously I can't take any anti-inflammatory meds. And being that I'm 36 I really wanted to keep my teeth as long as possible. Now I just want to be healthy (as one in heart failure can be) & be able to eat. Also I want to be able to smile w/out looking like a white trash jack-o-latern. Anymore tips let a sister know. God bless yall

Juan E.

I have been left with the caps of all four of my back teeth unexpectedly 'lifted' by a dentist assistant. I have seen 6 to 8 dentists since then, the last metro dentist damaging my gums, grating my teeth and then advising me that I have too much damage for them to work on. Currently the worst tooth is paining severely and another was found with a crack-like opening [metro dentist] and has broken down, widening, through pressure from eating. AS SAID, I have seen dentists and doctors...almost blacking out from pain...with only enough attention to revive me. What else can be done?


I am so sympathetic with your post, Dave, I have just concluded four excruciating days of this kind of pain, as I have just a piece of a tooth left in the gum and it got infected...heat, ice, ibuprofen, aspirin etc. (if I had vicoden I would have used it) relieved the pain for at most an hour, then it was back with severity. I have to get this piece of tooth removed asap. Right now the area has swelled up and the pain has almost disappeared. If I had an antibiotic (amoxicillin last time I had a similar issue) the pain would have been gone a lot sooner. But in total honesty, I would not wish this kind of pain on ANYONE, on Hitler, on my worst enemy if I had one. No living thing should suffer like that.

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