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this might sound nasty but it works!! pee In a cup and get a dropper and put 2drops in the ear that is hurt or infected. this takes about 5 minutes to work but then it feels amazing.

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Kanaka mammal

After reading this!!! My boyfriends says in a super happy voice 'want me to pee in your ear'?! UMmmmm no fucking ways you idiot! PEE only works on stingZ!!!! Like a bee sting or when your at a beach and a blue bubble stingZ You! I'm hoping this remedie works! Vinegar,peroxide,andalcohal


what about period blood?


This true. My sister peed in her ear and hasn't gotten an ear infection or ear aches in like 10 years now

Pamela. Not. Scared

I was hurting and desperate for relief, that I tried this trick.
I did it 1x daily for 2 consecutive days.... And the infection was gone.
The acid content from your own urine is just right to remedy the upset in your ear.
It was years before I had another episode.


Tried pooping in the ear and then wayyyyy worse...

Cheryl Vallia

Don't you dare!!! My mother did this when I was younger and it caused a severe mastoid infection that gave me meningitis. Horrible experience!!
Do NOT do this, urine is expelled from the body because it's poison/toxins, reintroducing that back into your ear? She was scheduled a home social worker on a weekly basis because of her ignorance. She was not to administer medication or any home treatment of any sort afterward. Ended up retaking a grade due to absence. I was very close to death and will never hear again in that ear.

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