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this might sound nasty but it works!! pee In a cup and get a dropper and put 2drops in the ear that is hurt or infected. this takes about 5 minutes to work but then it feels amazing.

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I believe this i was told pee helps for pink eye as well


Thank you, I am so excited! What would happen btw if I pissed in a girls vagina? Would it cure her infection? Any thoughts? -שאלום from Isreal.


I was to the point of screaming and ripping my ear off. Pee didnt help at all.

Organic Lover 333

Ewwwww! That is so gross! I have an ear infection right now and I think that chewing gum and wiggling your ears eases pain for about a maximum of three hours a minimum of a half an hour. I usually use vinegar as a third resort since for me it burns my ears for the first couple of minutes which I cannot stand. Me and my mom are totally organic lovers and we have basically organic everything so most of the time I can get rid of an ear infection in about a week. Try coconut oil on your ear and neck and feet, it cleanses your ear of bacteria and soothes your body from pain, you also get to smell like coconut which is a plus for me.


Does it work for sore eyes ?


This actually works I had an ear infection for two weeks and it was getting worse so I did this last night an it took the infection and the ache away. I got up this morning and it still wasn't bothering ne. I would recommend. This to anyone before actual medication


That's just nasty and if anyone try's it your sick!!!


Sounds like something I might try if other substances were unavailable.

Urine tends to be sterile in healthy/clean individuals.

Have had good effect from using dietary iodine drops. (Life-Flo brand - potassium iodide and purified water; comes in small bottle with dropper.)


Thats a little too much, get a hot rag hot as you can stand it apply to the pained works wonders


Urine is completely sterile and as such will kill germs and bacteria, doctors have used urine for many years in this manner even going so far as to urinate on newborn babies to cleanse them.

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