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I believe this comes under the heading of 'a little knowledge'. I spoke to a person in a health food store and when I told them what I was doing they suggested it might aggravate the problem. The DMSO will take the treatment deep into the skin but also anything else on the surface, such as the fungi/bacteria and may exacerbate the problem. Sorry. Not to leave without a positive note - they recommended Mayan Magic. I've been using it for several days and it has certainly give significant relief from the itching. Feed it into Mr.Google and have a visit to their site:

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I tried all the home remedies. The itching. I wanted to take a knife to it! Then I had an idea. All the posts talk about killing the fungus. I looked at the toothpaste ingredients, I made sure it didn't have triclosan. Then I looked at the inactive ingredients. You have to use Colgate Optic White. In the shower hot water. Rub it in, it will sting a little but the cooling effects are wonderful. I mixed it with Selsun Blue Shampoo, lather it up and rinse 2x per day. What a huge difference, itch is gone and affected skins is flaking off. I will continue to use as all medications for this recommend for two weeks after. Saves money. Stops the burning and itching. In between I do use 91 percent alcohol.

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