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I have 2 infected toes. I have a lot of medicines that I take, so lamisil was not an option. After reading a few of the entries below, I am trying a different one on each toe. I'm taking apple cider vinegar tablets 2x daily. One toe is getting ACV applied directly to the nail. The other is getting tea tree oil. Apple Cider Vinegar ALL THE WAY! It hasn't been more than 2 weeks and the toe with the ACV definitely progressing faster. Try it, it totally works and it's cheap.

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Hi do you put ACV direct on nail ? And also what do the ACV tablets do


I just used a cotton ball and saturate with ACV. Then apply directly to the nail as a topical. The ACV tablets have a variety of uses, from what I have read. One of the uses was that it changes the acidity of your body just enough to also heal the toe nail from the inside out. I had to get them at a health food store but i think walmart might have them too. Besides that, ACV is so good for you in general, I will most likely take them forever.


I'm 2 months in. Tea tree oil is working, but it made my toenail black as it grows out. It's kinda nasty looking. The ACV toe is about 65% healed plus it has a bleaching agent to it so it's cosmetically more attractive while it grows out. I think I will be abandoning the tea tree oil soon.


This has been helpful info. Going to try the Apple Cider Vinegar this week. Have Tea Tree oil already & just started with this.


The 'Mother' ACV like I use in my smoothies or can I use the inexpensive kind on my toenails?


What about regular white vinegar??

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