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pain be gone

I have tried pretty much everything posted on here already and nothing on here works for more then 30 minutes if you are lucky. But I did find 1 thing that works and it give instant relief CLOVE OIL I have 2 teeth that cracked and this happened last week. I went to the er and was given morphine then then doctor told me to go to the health food store and get clove oil and put 1 drop on the tooth with a q tip do I did and here I am 3 days layer with ZERO PAIN.

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OMG CLOVE OIL so true just got some yesterday it is awsome instant relief a tooth ache i think is worst then labor even pregnant women can use it and children it is a nautual herb try it you will be amazed this is the only thing i use now any healthy store carries


Who ever you are that but this post here
For clove oil....thank you so much
I wish I could of had this stuff 2 days ago totally amazing.. It works
I took 2 Tylenol 3 and advile that didn't
Even stop the pain...found your message
Here went to health store the lady knew right away what it was for...I put it on
Pain was gone in seconds...once again thank you for posting this..


what does it taste like?


Where do ii find thid oil. Thanks


This worked and worked fast. I couldn't believe the results. Better than any pain medicine you could take.


I'm having a real bad toothache right now. I can't sleep and barley can talk.. I mean the pain is so bad I cant even. Fuction. I'm gonna get some of that clove oil so hopefully that works until my dentist appointment.


Have been in bed crying all morning my tooth hurt so bad just had my aunt bring me some clove oil. Omg it works wonders and I just used it straight didn't diluate it like it tells u too. But instantly it burned for like 2 seconds and then all pain gone


Where do u get the clove oil? Like which store specifically


Clove oil the best just save my life , small cotton balls with that put in the tooth and you are saved in 5 minutes .

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