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I don't have a remedy not have I been diagnosed yet. I took the test today and I'm waiting for my results but I am certain it's positive as all the symptoms are there. :'( I feel like I can't function. I'm scared and don't know where or who to turn to. My boyfriend got tested recently and didn't have it but I did (we've had a long relationship and broke up and I was with someone else then we got back together. We have a two year old daughter together) anyway I'm scared and ashamed. I don't know what to do. And I know he'll leave me once my results show positive. I have no friends and no one else to turn to. Please help me.

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Soothe area with witchazel nyal cold sore cream camphor/menthol soothes and heals followed by an aclovir cream to minimise duration of the attacks this method is cheap effective soothing with no excruciation and you can live with gh comfortably


Don't feel bad. You guys were broken up and yes its nasty disease but doesn't mean you sleep around or anything...just means you slept with wrong person. Epson salt baths help for me you can get on meds to help not get breakout. My hubby doesn't have it since I don't have sex when feeling outbreak.i hate having it but don't let it get you down.


Please know there are good people on this site who will help you. Avoid nuts! seriously, there is something in nuts that encourages outbreaks. I have had this disease for about twenty years. I have about 4 outbreaks a year. Just live your life and be the best person you can for your child.


My doctor recently told me of a story where a young girl contracted genital herpes after sharing a drink with another child who had a cold sore. A couple of days later the young girl also received a cold sore on her lip, must have touched it, then touched her vagina, that's how that poor youn lass contract GH. I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that GH are not just contracted by sex. There are other ways of getting it and if you don't want to tell your partner that you had sex with someone else than you don't need to. I am sure your devastated about carrying the disease so just be mindful of passing it onto your partner.


Whats your number


Hi. I just got diagnosed and wanted to let you know that after a while the virus is dormant in your body. A lot of men are asymptamatic (spelling) and never get a breakout but still carry it. Unless they break out they won't test positive. You could still have gotten it from your boyfriend. I got it from my husband after I got really sick and had a weakened immune system in February for a whole month I was sick. A month and a half later I broke out and here we are. Don't feel bad. I must say I am angry. Not at him but at the fact the I have it. I am sure it will pass as soon as I no longer have an angry vagina. I'm 24 years old. That adds to my anger.


You have probably got your result by now and told your boyfriend. I hope he didn't leave you. If he does, he is an ignorant fool. Give him as much information on it as possible. Like the last lady said, men can have it but not have any symptoms and not test positive. That is what makes me angry. They pass it on but women seem to have outbreaks and symptoms more often. I had my first OB about 10 years ago while I was with my husband. We had been together for about 12 years at the time and he had been my only sexual partner. So go figure. I got the OB when I was rundown and stressed and got tested. My doctor told me it can stay dormant in the body for like 20 years so I could have got it from my husband as he had other partners before we were together. I later found out that he had been unfaithful during our marriage. Life's a bitch. He gets to live his life symptom free and I get to deal with OBs for the rest of my life... Tho, I only get one or two a year now. I have one now, which is why I am on this website. Looking for natural remedies. I find tea tree oil is wonderfully soothing - a few drops on a pad. I will try the salt bath and lysine tablets. Thanks everyone.


Please don't feel guilty or beat urself up about having GH-2, around 50% of the general population also has the virus. I am 47 yrs old and have had it for over 25 years, my then spouse had no idea he had it. My first OB was severe, I had to go to the ER...and was crushed with the diagnosis. Since then, I successfully had two healthy babies. I continue to be responsible about this, it sucks to tell partners...but it's the right thing to do :) OBs can last anywhere from 2-21 days and they usually get easier & less frequent as time goes on. I keep clean and use a new cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide OR witch hazel after each time I use the restroom...mine go away within 2-3 days. You'll be has bigger issues, just smile and be kind to others and this situation will be less and less important with each passing day :)

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