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I have had MRSA for 4 yrs now mainly on my face even though I originally got it through an I.V in my hand during a hospital stay. It seems now I have it more than I don't . I am 35yr old mother of 2 and thank God neither of my children have gotten it. I have tried every remedy mentioned here and have been on all the strongest antibiotics. I recently discovered a website that sells a great product called. Phenomenal water. The main purpose of the water is to alkanize your system. When you have MRSA you have too much acid in your body. They have other products as well which were all nvented by a father whose son had MRSA. I am also using a gel they sell called Spencer gel named after his son. Both products are working better than anything I have ever tried. If you are like me and have tried everything I urge you to Google Spencer gel and check out what they have to offer . The site also has a lot of information about MRSA that suprised me like the fact that MRSA feeds off of sugar so definitely cut that out of your diet the best you can They have a whole list of foods to avoid. Like everything the products are a little expensive which almost stopped me from trying but I am so glad I did. There is actually a woman on the site that offers help those who can not afford it. The site is actually Phenomenal Water. I urge you to at least check it out because no one should have to suffer like this . MRSA has literally. taken over my life . I had to quit my job because I have it so much. I am hoping that if these new products continue to work as well as they have in the past 2 weeks I will soon have my life back. Like I said over the past 4 yrs I have tried everything so if anyone would like to email me for moral or mental support or to ask about a certain antibiotic or remedy please do . My name is Susan and my email is No one should have to. suffer like I have or alone . Best wishes to all of tou

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Deborah Breines

My husband get boils on inside of thigh. I've been using castor oil to pull infection out added boric acid and a few drops of ???? honey. So far it's helping to get the infection out. I though having red scalp bumps and have used everything to no avail any suggestions.


You all.....I am in SO much pain!! I've done IV vanco.....didnt work! I have one on the right side of my chin today and I can barely eat! HURTS!!! I am a RN who can't work because I keep getting them! This one hurts worse than any I have had! I take garlic and vit E daily. I cleanse with hibaclens and use manuka honey. I'm scared! My ins has lapsed because I haven't been able to work. This is HELL.

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