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I have had MRSA for 4 yrs now mainly on my face even though I originally got it through an I.V in my hand during a hospital stay. It seems now I have it more than I don't . I am 35yr old mother of 2 and thank God neither of my children have gotten it. I have tried every remedy mentioned here and have been on all the strongest antibiotics. I recently discovered a website that sells a great product called. Phenomenal water. The main purpose of the water is to alkanize your system. When you have MRSA you have too much acid in your body. They have other products as well which were all nvented by a father whose son had MRSA. I am also using a gel they sell called Spencer gel named after his son. Both products are working better than anything I have ever tried. If you are like me and have tried everything I urge you to Google Spencer gel and check out what they have to offer . The site also has a lot of information about MRSA that suprised me like the fact that MRSA feeds off of sugar so definitely cut that out of your diet the best you can They have a whole list of foods to avoid. Like everything the products are a little expensive which almost stopped me from trying but I am so glad I did. There is actually a woman on the site that offers help those who can not afford it. The site is actually Phenomenal Water. I urge you to at least check it out because no one should have to suffer like this . MRSA has literally. taken over my life . I had to quit my job because I have it so much. I am hoping that if these new products continue to work as well as they have in the past 2 weeks I will soon have my life back. Like I said over the past 4 yrs I have tried everything so if anyone would like to email me for moral or mental support or to ask about a certain antibiotic or remedy please do . My name is Susan and my email is No one should have to. suffer like I have or alone . Best wishes to all of tou

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How are you doing Susan?


to get rid of your acid , look up Baking soda on you tube or type it in your browzer


again Baking soda and water 1/2 teaspoon in a large glass of water


Did u try the bactroban (drawing salve) or garlic?


Me and my three kids all had mrsa boils on our body for 7 months. Through prayer God led me to jojoba oil. Seriously. I rubbed it all over us and noticed right away the red raspberry colored spots didn't fully form. I had been using oregano oil, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil much mixed together. Which did wipe out the boils, but they kept coming back. Also you have to kill it in your laundry. Use 20 mule team borax, and one scoop to every load. I even added a cup of ammonia to my wash. The borax is the clincher for disinfecting laundry. Putting all 3 of these measures together cured my family of mrsa.


Use honey and a bandage. Put a good amount of honey on the opened boil. Then put a bandage. I currently have mesa and doing this has definitely worked.


Susan I have MRSA on my face and ear. It's awful I can't get rid of it!


I'm 13 I got it what I do

Colloidal Silver KILLS

Colloidal silver will kill it. Many scientific studies. My son had it. Larger than my hand. Took distilled water and colloidal silver. MIxed them in a small spray bottle will color about dark urine (yuck I know). CLAY: Calcium bentonite clay in a small bowl and sprayed with the silver. Made a pumice and added a bandaid to it. Change every 12 hrs/ 2x a day. For your face. Just spray it on. Kills immediatels. Again, research it. I have told many doctors and they know it works now. Also, watch Steve Barwick's Colloidal Silver Secrets Community. You won't be sorry and you don't have to buy anything. You can get what you need on Amazon. Trust me.. it works. Saved dozens of times from us having to take antibiotics and get lancing done..

Debbie Panter

pHenomenal Water and Spencer's Topical Gel are by far the best treatment out there for MRSA Staff infection! By Far! I cut out the sugary foods and acidic drinks such as pepsi, drank the pH Water with distilled water as directed and the Spencer's Gel on my sore and whalla- gone for 2 yrs. now. Whenever swab tested, it continuously comes back negative. Couldn't be happier and strongly recommend it as it's unlike any other out there. After finishing 2 bottles of pH Water I found that I slept at night much better, lost 10lbs., and suddenly had energy that I didn't have before. I had the Celiac Disease Rash as well and since drinking the pH water I no longer have any signs of the rash. Amazing stuff, worth it's weight in gold but it's crucial that you take it as directed and on a daily basis to reap it's benefits.

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