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In my youth, I got a filling on my lower right second molar, I'm now 25 and the filling fell out at some point leaving a large hole that's been gradually getting bigger. A couple of days ago, the root must've became exposed because it started causing excruciating pain. My dentist could not get me in until later this afternoon, so in the mean time, last night, I tried basically ALL of the suggestions on here that were possible for me.

Dental wax is not something they sell in my tiny town, so that was not an option.

I started the process with 2 extra strength Excedrin migraine (acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine).

After brushing my teeth very well, and rinsing with warm salt water, it felt better but not dramatically by any means.

I tried to swish a shot of whiskey rather unsuccessfully, so I applied whiskey to a cotton swab and let it soak it in the hole in the tooth.

This felt better for about 10 minutes and i had to rinse or I was going to vomit due to the taste of whiskey kicking it in my mouth.

Next I let peppermint oil soak on a cotton swab and let it sit on the hole for about 3 minutes. And was tired of temporary relief, so I did the same thing with general orajel. I also accidentally got orajel on the lower palate of my mouth so I just swished with the rest of it and spit it out. My whole mouth was numb, but the pain was gone.

I finally felt able to eat something, because I hadn't been eating, so I ate a plain cheese (cheddar) sandwich because I read both bread and cheese help.

After I could feel the orajel had worn off, the pain was gone and it is 11:30am today (17 hours after the long process) and still feel no pain.

Part of me wants to cancel my dentist appointment because I HATE THE DENTIST but I know the pain will come back, so while I still have insurance, and money left from tax returns, I'll buck up and go.

I'm not sure which part actually helped because I tried so many things out of desperation, but something helped, and that's what matters!

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