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If your really stupid like me and I stress this is very stupid and very dangerous take two darts large needles or anything sharp and pointy sterilise in boiling salt water cool one down hold your cheek open with one using a shaving mirror find the soft point with the hot dart place it in the abscess but don't stab it or pierce it now pull side ways until it gets a slight tear keep your cheek held open watch as blood then puss then blood come running out now clean rinse with antiseptic mouth was and keep dabbing with kitchen roll until no more blood or puss is prevalent. I say again I AM AN IDIOT THIS IS DANGEROUS but it worked a treat

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I do this too :( instant relief then continue with antibiotics :)


if this is so dangerous (further infections,blood poisoning---hospitalization, death)why would post this advice???? you are affecting someone's health and life. THINK FIRST!!!


my best friend is a dental assistant and she says that the first thing you should do if you see an abscess is to pop the thing. Just make sure you don't swallow anything that comes out of it

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