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Mrs. Culbert

What I do is take iburpofen 500 mg and drink coffee or a coke. Then I ice my neck and my temples. I even bought a 'migraine relief' cool pack from groupon that actually helps. Immediately then I take a zofran and eat some candid ginger. My migraines come with nausea everytime. I have had migraines since I was 4 years old now 26. The one thing that works for me is imitrex 100 mg and, Accupuncture and OXYGEN! The imitrex makes me have anxiety for about 20 minutes but i rather deal with that then the migriane. I live in Colorado and due to the lack of oxygen and when the weather changes which is every few days! Your DR can prescribe the oxygen to you and yes it looks weird but it works trust me.

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thanks for information i hope you more success good luck

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