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I let them get well established because it did not bother me severely the first year. For about the last 6 mo. I've tried the creams with a prescription grade being the last. Tried zinc oxide with baby powder but too messy and after a week did not seem to be working. I figure they are below the surface layer of skin and have gone to DMSO as a carrier. I mixed equal amounts of DMSO and oil of oregano since I've used it before and know it can be caustic. The first application burned a little too much and I diluted the mixture some with tea tree oil. Mention the DMSO cause I've not seen it in any posting I've read. Make sense? or frustration leading to irrational conclusion. Several days now and will try colloidial silver with DMSO if this does not work.

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Fungus feeds also on hair . Wash with soap and shave every day.

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