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I don't have a remedy but I've been diagnosed with GH yesterday. I am in a lot of pain but have to catch a short flight tomorrow so I can go home to my family (I live away at college). I've tried pouring talc on my sores but that hasn't seemed to help, do you have any other suggestions? I'm still trying to process this diagnosis emotionally but right now the physical pain is distracting me, to the point where I am fainting. I also noticed a spot of blood as I tried to wipe last night and was just wondering if this has happened to anybody else? Also does anybody else get insanely tired, because if I'm not crying in pain I'm sleeping and I was just wondering if this is normal. Thanks.

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The fatigue is normal. As for will have to try and find what works for you. This websites offers some great suggestions. One that seemed extreme but work for me, apply acetone to the sores. It WILL burn, but only for a second and then it will relieve any discomfort. Good luck in your journey. It will get better!


I am 58 years old and have had gh for 40 years i use witchazel to soothe soreness and itching nyal cold sore cream camphor/menthol to soothe and heal and an aclovir cream to minimise the duration of the attacks this method is cheap soothing no excrucation and you can live with gh quite comfortably


Try hydrogen peroxide spay on an let it dry I was diagnosed with this November 2013 an was having none stop outbrakes i dont no if it was the hp but i havent had a outbrake in about a week an lovin life right now. But i been on my phone lookin for anything that works also look up hydrogen peroxde grade 35 hope it works let me no if it was any helped

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