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Jyoti Ahuja

Dry OR Wet Cough during night time
1. Heat a small pan on a lower flame.
2. Put 1 to 2 pinches of turmeric in the pan
3. Constantly stir the turmeric until it turns golden brown and not burned out.
4. Put 1 spoon of honey in it and mix the warm turmeric and honey well together.
5. Before going to bed take this honey and turmeric mixture.
6.This remedy is very useful for dry and wet coughs during night.
7. You can repeat the procedure 1 to 2 times in day. but it is more effective when taken before going to bed.

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Chirag parmar

Thank you.

Jonh df

Thankyou very much, it worked immediately. I did add fresh garlic and slice of lemon peel and it tasted quite neutral. Thanks

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